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Real estate

At R-A-W-Partner, we know how to deal with real estate from a tax perspective. After all, houses, condominiums, commercial properties, building plots or agricultural and forestry land have often formed a significant part of your assets. To ensure that your real estate and future assets do not offer you any disadvantages from a tax point of view, but only attractive advantages, there are a number of things to bear in mind!

Do it right and let our team advise you. Our experience and expertise will pay off!

At R-A-W-Partner, you will have a team of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers at your side to provide you with competent advice on issues relating to the taxation of real estate!

Real estate Icon

Topics around

  • land transfer tax
  • real estate tax
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax
  • sales tax
  • Income tax and corporate tax
  • trade tax

are not new territory for our experts. This is where we know our stuff and share our knowledge and experience with you.

Would you like to invest your money in real estate in the future or do you already own one or more properties? You have inherited or received a property as a gift? Then secure your tax advantage. Our team will advise you on how you can best profit from your real estate!

Get an overview of our entire range of services and contact us - we can do a lot for you and look forward to hearing from you.


In the formation phase as well as in the ongoing operation of a foundation, tax aspects play a central role. Our colleagues at R-A-W-Partner know which tax requirements need to be taken into account.
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