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Have you ever taken a closer look at the procedural documentation for your accounting? If your answer is "no", it is high time you did!

Because the principles for the orderly keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access (GoBD for short) change the requirements for the orderliness of your company's accounting.

If, in the event of an audit by tax officials, you are found to lack procedural documentation, this means that your accounting is deficient. The consequence of this is the formal power of estimation of the tax authorities. This can mean for you safety surcharges of up to 10% on the declared sales!

In order to protect you from higher losses and to prepare you perfectly for the next unan-nounced audit by the tax office, R-A-W-Partner is a team of competent tax consultants and specialist lawyers at your side!

Procedural documentation Icon
Benefit from the following positive effects of procedural documentation:
  • Fulfillment of the requirements of the tax authorities
  • Recognition of possible savings and streamlining of work processes
  • Clarification of tasks and responsibilities around the accounting-relevant processes
  • Easier training of new employees in existing processes
  • Increasing your liability security as an entrepreneur through the internal control system (ICS) as part of the procedural documentation

In order for you to benefit from the effects mentioned above, we are available for individual consultation and provide support in the targeted implementation of the regulations within the scope of your business management, especially with regard to the establishment of the required internal control system as well as the procedural documentation.

In order to be able to carry out the procedural documentation quickly, easily and efficiently, we use an IT-supported cloud solution.

We recommend that you do not wait and contact us so that we can jointly develop a fast and legally compliant solution around the topic of procedural documentation for your company.


In many areas, digitisation is still in the starting blocks, but the process of change will increase inexorably, especially in the economy and administration.
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